Entertainment & Media

Digital technology has revolutionized the delivery of information in segments as diverse as healthcare, law, education and entertainment. With technology transforming the way people receive, access and interact with vital business information coupled with the countless sources and the rapid migration to mobile and social networks, companies are being forced to rethink their strategies for feeding the real-time mindset of today’s audiences.

At AmariKai Tech, we build solutions that address the content-lifecycle and distribution concerns of our clients in the entertainment industry. Our experienced consultants offer business and technical knowledge that powers innovation and creates new revenue streams.

We have extensive domain expertise in information management and technology, which enables us to help you reduce operating costs and elevate business effectiveness, manage complex data retrieval or delivery systems, and uncover innovative new ways to organize, package and distribute information services.

As a preferred partner for leading media businesses, including some of the top studios who are forced to overhaul their entire IT infrastructures, AmariKai Tech utilizes a collaborative approach, emphasizing speed to market enabling entertainment and media clients to thrive in the digital age. With a global presence, mature delivery capabilities and proven solution accelerators, we help companies like yours reduce costs, stay nimble and outmaneuver the competition.