Lets Improve Your QA Testing Process

Amari Kai Tech does the work for you!

Step 1: Automated Requests

SailPoint roles are requested by data driven configurations. 

Step 2. Automated Approvals

SailPoint role requests are approved at each level as required by the application workflow for each requested role.

Step 3. Automated Submissions

Provisioning forms are submitted with ease. Your only lifting is to view data flowing through your SailPoint platform and downstream systems.

Create a Role Request, Obtain all Role Approvals and Provision the Role

The Complete Process is Automated!

Step 1: Create a Role Request

Our data driven automation will simulate an End User logging onto the SailPoint platform, select a visible role (or resource) and submit the new request before logging off.

Step 2. Obtain Role Approvals

The automation engine will process the End User through each approval level for the requested role (or resource). Once approvals are obtained, it’s time to review the final step.

Step 3. Provision the Role

Once the provisioning work item is triggered, the provisioning form is generated, reviewed and automatically submitted for provisioning to the applicable target system(s).